Celebrating Spring with with The Cherry Blossoms.
Photography by Luca Rudlin www.peoplestaring.com
Make Up by Alice Johnson alicejohns111.blogspot.com

On Deal promenade with The Old Moonshine Bands before Smugglers Fest 2012

Cairo Bash

At sea

That's German engineering!

Caught by Karin Jamote, Busking in Deal town center

Gig Posters

First time at the beach!

On stage at home in The Red

In the caravan of Love

My dream come true!

Beautiful Bamburg
(Little Venice) in the south of Germany

Busking on Dam Straat bridge 2011

 Secret Gig

Hulme Garden Centre Xmas Fayre 

Stormy seas in Deal 

The Private Widdle Social Club 

The stairs leading to Sacre Ceour 

Doodles with Ariana at L'International in Paris 

Our favourite busking spot on Dam Straat in Amsterdam 

Fontain Palace in Latvia 

Cooling off at Celebration Dayz #2 

The Botanical Garden in Mainz University Campus 

Playing Doctor at a hospital in Hildesheim 

Chasing Ancestors. Sir Hugh DeCaverly aka The Giant of Bunbury 

UFO's, Monsters and a giant bath tower at ADM a 14 year old squat village in Amsterdam 

I'll eat your brains 

Busking outside Shakespeare & Co. Paris 

 Le Magiciens

Recording at Muski Studios

The Kings Warren 

The Mobile Blues Club in Hamburg 

The Reapers Lament by Sheila Jenkins 

The wedding photo in Berlin 

Playing Double bass at Haus Mainusch 

A hard days work on the streets of Saarbruken 

Another magical evening at The Mobile Blus Club 

Save the Bacon and remebering Daaave at the 2nd largest fayre in France just before gate crashing on Herman Dune.

Goodbye Sweet Home Cafe!


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