Here are some reviews of our latest album 'Lunar Ticks'

I have not heard a record that has stopped me in my tracks as this has in a long time. I'm writing with the final notes of closing track 'Space Lullaby' still echoing because I'm excited and captivated by this music, what is it like ? Well it's very English for sure in a very bucolic way, it doesn't paint a lovely picture postcard of the countryside but presents it as a place of beauty for sure but also a place of sweat and blood and hard toil.
The opening half of the album has a celebratory feel it's sunny and it's optimistic, the instrumentation is spare and the voices meld wonderfully well together one can almost picture the vocalists catching each other's eye and smiling both recognising the magic of the moment.
In feel this part of the album resembles the early Fairport Convention or the madcap genius pop of Paul and Linda McCartneys 'Ram' , but as nighttime in the countryside makes for a much different place than the daylight does the second half of the album darkens and becomes a bewitching piece of elongated shadows, half heard footsteps and eerie strangeness. The music is more hypnotic, nagging and insistent, the voices too take on an edge of desperation. The sound now most resembles 'Comus' at their most extreme, it is heartstopping, jawdroppingly good.

Gram Parsons struggling to describe his music conjured up the phrase ' Cosmic American music ' which was a fine fit , may I suggest that an equally fine fit for this would be ' authentic English Cosmic music ' it is quite sensational

Ian Keith Moss

Hanami Family

The first notes of Lunar Ticks hit like the sweet nostalgia of summer. There’s a jingle jangle of love song, ancient fable and a lyrical lament and celebration of change. The song ‘White Heron in the Rushes’ is as catchy as the lyrics promise it will be, a tasting table of Dick Dale riffs blended with show tune precision. 

Keeley and John have that rare connection – voices that seem to have complemented each other for decades, centuries even – since the time of gypsies and giants. Like a polaroid you can’t place your finger on; it makes me want to weep and dance on the table at the same time. 

As the third song ‘Love is Chaos’ seeps through, we are clearly under the spell of the witching hour cast by Keeley’s voice. Some siren song luring sailors to their death. Love is chaos, but these carefully refined notes are not. The sound is as rich and full as a bursting heart, and there’s a hint of early folk psychedelia flaming at the edges. The motifs of moonlight and turning tides wash through, an ode to womanhood and the fulfilling of destiny. 

The signature sound of Higher Lover comes fourth, a song that brings a chorus of friendship, frivolous fun and for anyone who has seen the video – fuzzy warmth. Yet, nothing this duo do sits on the surface, there is a depth that calls on decades of work, musical passion, and a culmination of experience to have gotten to this point. 

Dig makes me homesick for a place I never knew, which I think is the whole point. Out Here With Us moves in cultish fashion, and I’m not joking when I say I would raise my hand to join, following the ghostly pied piper sounds through fog and thickness. Over the Mountains of Madness captures the best of a sound stripped back to its beautiful bones. The crescendo hits with Space Lullaby; we can all gather round the fire for this one. 

Lunar Ticks is a trip – a place of whispered fairy-tales beneath the covers, red flames swallowing stars, bewitched girls running barefoot through the forest, and it reminds me that we can all let our hair swing loose and scream into the dawn that yes, after listening to this – we all feel better. 

Jodie Oakes - Manchester 2018

Hanami-Lunar Ticks.

When listening to this new  Hanami album 'Lunatics' the first thought that comes to mind is how much  of a different feel it has to their previous album.

With a much more playful and blissed out sound ringing out with the changes and blossoming that parenthood brings.

As ever with beautiful  harmonies, symbolic of a couple who are immensely in tune with each  other and of the years of working and living together.

It has a spring like, new life,  positive beginnings, dreamy texture to it which makes you want to be  floating in a field with them somewhere.

Still with the intimate subtle darkness which brings the balance, this album has perfect flow.

With loungy pop-folk, elements  of jazz, retro psych and even calypso yet delving into the emotive dark  world of depths which could be likened to Cocteau Twins. Some of the  tunes you want to sit back and let yourself dream,  and some you want to turn up loud and dance.

You feel such an insight into who the artists are, the journey they are on, and you wanna be on it with them.

This album feels like a story and you just want to know more.

Hannah Houghton January 2018

Hanami Family- Lunar Ticks

Lunar Ticks est le dernier bébé format long play sonore de Hanami Family. Récemment renommé l'ancien duo Hanami a décidé de créer aussi des êtres humains (ainsi qu'ils le disent eux-même) ce qui explique ce changement de titre. Lunar Ticks (tiques lunaires? Tics tacs lunaires? Coches lunaires?...) est une irradiation de bout en bout. En plus de leur folk de fondation on y récolte une bonne dose de rock and roll psychédélique (notemment sur le titre éponyme) et des instrumentalisations d'une richesse et d'une précision (sauvage) due en plus de leur travail à celle de leurs nombreux et talentueux collaborateurs. On y parle de la magie de la vie, de la fête, de la rencontre, enfin de l'amour sous toutes ses formes, de l'extase à la transe en passant par la nostalgie avec une dramaturgie imagée qui ne lâche pas l'auditeur, paroles et musiques en équipe indissociable sans jamais se prendre totalement au sérieux. La voix virtuose de Keeley (Une Patti-Jonis-GraceSlick accomplie, fragile et puissante) et celle de Wilson (Un Zappa-CatStevens sage et hilare) s'entrecroisent dans une spirale vertigineuse qui souligne leur présence humaine qu'ils parviennent si bien à incarner (ceux qui les ont vus sur scène savent de quoi je parle) dans cet enregistrement aux sons et effets dignes des plus grands studios anglais. Influences et clins d'oeils au rock classique et actuel foisonnent aux grés des épisodes de l'album pour ces rétros miroirs du présent, (Tom Waits, Jack White, Beach Boys …. ou est-ce moi?) et il serait idiot d'en faire la liste tant leur conception de la musique, et de la vie, est collaborative et sans frontières spatiales ou temporelles. C'est tout cela qui rend l'écoute de Lunar Ticks dignes des plus grands moments vibratoires musicaux: on participe à la chaleur qui s'en dégage. L'énergie des sentiments en jeu, la maîtrise, tout va ensemble, dans les flux et reflux des gorgées de couleurs des tiques lunaires.

Lucile Davignon - Paris - Jan 2018

A nice lady from Paris had this to say about us.........

"D'origine anglaise (Manchester) Les Hanami (fête du printemps au Japon) sont des voyageurs, ils jouent dans la rue, tous les jours où le temps le permet, et dans n'importe quel endroit où ils sont les bienvenus. Leurs chansons parlent de la route de ses trouvailles et de ses rencontres, de l'ouverture d'esprit et des liens qui unissent tous les gens qui sont un peu différents. Leur sens de la fête et du partage font de leurs ballades des moments inoubliables, et laissent toujours les gens partir avec le sourire."

Cilda Flower Eye Evol

The Day We Met Lenny Kaye.

 After the signing, I go out to the street, where I find the busking duo Hanami entertaining the post-reading crowd. We first happened on Bopper and Wilson playing outside our gig in Lille, and were so taken by their sunny optimism and harmony that we invited them to see us in Paris. And Bordeaux. And Rouen. And now they're here, in front of Shakespeare and Co. What else can I do but join them in song, with the Seine flowing behind us and Notre Dame providing a breathtaking backdrop.

Here's to your sweet harmonies and sunny dispositions.

Keep the faith and the faith will keep you.  Blessings upon ye...

xoxo Lenny

Taken from his tour diary/emails

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